Clubs and Trustees

The Beacon Hill Sports Association (BHSA) is a coalition of the many clubs and organisations using the village hall and/or its environs.

Listed below are the names and the contact details of the representatives of the clubs and organisations forming the BHSA.
For further details of membership of the clubs, or hire of the facilities, please contact the relevant member as listed, or our Village Hall Bookings Clerk.

G J Greenleaf

Vice Presidents
Henry Bass
Betty Brown
Robert Brown
Keith Cousins
Trevor James
Peter Mikelsen
Barry Sayers
Bill Stephenson
Dick Yelland

  • BHSA Chairman
  • BHSA Secretary


  • Facilities Manager
    • Contact: Barry Sayers
    • Phone: 01621 810277
    • Mobile: 07889 558846
    • e-mail:
  • Village Hall Bookings Clerk
    • Contact: Mrs Margaret MacGregor
    • Phone: 07543 033783
    • e-mail: click for bookings
    • Website:  
  • Great Totham Cricket Club
  • Fund Raising Committee
  • Over 60s'
    • Contact: Mrs Joycey Gudgeon/li>
    • Phone: 01621 892331
    • e-mail:
    • Website:  
  • Mens Badminton
  • Beacon Hill Social Club
  • Publicly Co-opted/Elected
    • Elizabeth Coeshall
    • Barry Faber
    • Graham Finch
    • Peter Parkinson
  • Co-opted Members
    • Keith Hopcroft